We change behavior - consultations, seminars, classes, in-home training 

Get some education for yourself.  Take a class with your dog.  Schedule an appointment for a behavior consultation.  If you're not sure where to start, call or email.  We are happy to help you choose the best option for you and your dog.

Education for you

Attend a seminar.  Learn how to understand what your dog is trying to tell you or the latest in animal behavior. Some of these are free or discounted if you are a tireless volunteer or professional staff of the many organizations serving
San Antonio's dogs.

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Behavior Consult

Get an initial consultation to have your dog's behavior evaluated.  Find out if your dog's behavior is safe.  Learn what type of training your dog needs.  Get an estimate of training needed to achieve your goals.  


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Training for your dog

Take a class with your dog.  Help your dog learn to control those impulses, learn polite manners at home and courteous behavior when out and about.  Get your puppy off to a good start in a socialization class.


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