Puppy in the trash

We also offer a special seminar for rescues and fosters:

Outsmart Your Dog

Learn the secrets modern dog trainers use to create calm, well-behaved and happy canine companions.  If your dog is jumping on people, pulling on the leash, nipping when you play or chewing everything in sight, find out the secrets modern dog trainers use to solve these problems.  Discover what the experts in dog behavior now say about dominance, leadership and alpha-dogs and how you can use the latest information to eliminate problems at home. 

Come to listen and learn but leave your own dog at home for this seminar.  You will take away helpful tips you can use at home right away.




LOMA provides many services to the local animal shelter and rescue community at discounted costs. We also provide these services directly to the shelter or rescue group so foster parents do not have to pay for services directly. Contact for the rescue rates for the initial consultation and training sessions.