Attend a Seminar Course

LoMa Behavior and Training is committed to providing quality education to the San Antonio dog loving community.  There is often confusing and conflicting information available from the web, friends and other trainers.  We offer a variety of low-cost educational seminars on popular topics.  

These seminars are designed for people only.  Leave your pooches at home so you can learn without distraction.  Be assured you will take home plenty of useful information you can start using with your dog at home right away.


veterinary staff, shelter staff and volunteers, rescue group staff and volunteers - attend many seminars for free or at steep discounts - email us for more information


Dogs With Issues - ON HOLD

Part 1 of this 2 part seminar will cover canine body language and safety procedures for managing your dog.  You will learn to read your dog's emotional communication and keep you, your dog and your family safe.

Part 2 will cover the procedures used to transform fear and reactivity.  Completion of both parts of the seminar is required to participate in the group class for Reactive Rovers.  The seminar is open to any participant.  You are not required to go on to the Reactive Rover class.

Puppy in the trash

Outsmart Your Dog

Learn the secrets modern dog trainers use to create calm, well-behaved and happy canine companions.  If your dog is jumping on people, pulling on the leash, nipping when you play or chewing everything in sight, find out the secrets modern dog trainers use to solve these problems.  Discover what the experts in dog behavior now say about dominance, leadership and alpha-dogs and how you can use the latest information to eliminate problems at home. 

Come to listen and learn but leave your own dog at home for this seminar.  You will take away helpful tips you can use at home right away.