All of our training or packages start with an Initial Consultation, which is a 90-minute visit in your home that allows us to consult with you about your training goals, assess your dog's behavior, and determine the motivation for any negative behaviors you are seeing. We will address the fearfulness or aggressive behavior first, before focusing on obedience behaviors. Discover how long it will take to change aggression or fearfulness or just general unruliness.  Find out what type of training your dog needs.  $150

  • We review your dog’s history, observe your dog's behavior and get to know your goals.  

  • We give you a custom behavior plan that will address your goals. 

  • You get education on safety and why your dog is showing the behavior causing concern.

  • You receive written copies of all recommended training plans and easy to follow homework assessments.

  • No additional charge for two dogs fighting in a home.

  • No additional obligation is required.  Some families only need an initial consultation to address their concerns about their dog's behavior.


At the Initial Consultation we will discuss training package options that will best meet your goals for your dog.  If you choose a package, the Initial Consultation fee is applied toward the package.

$320 Behavior Focus Package - Initial Consultation + 2 private lessons.  Best for focused behavior issues such as separation distress,  resource guarding, jumping on people, or pulling on the leash.

$590 Puppy Preschool Package - Initial Consultation + 5 private lessons.  For puppies 8 weeks to 6 months of age.  Covers the most common puppy training issues: crate training, house training, nipping, chewing, jumping, walking on a leash, and preparing for the vet or groomer.

$590 Behavior Intensive Package - Initial Consultation + 5 private lessons.  Best for dogs who have multiple behavior issues or a long-standing issue that has been difficult to change in the past.  

$590 All The Basics Obedience Package - Initial Consultation + 5 private lessons.  A good package for dogs in need of all the basic obedience skills for a well-mannered companion: sit, down, wait, leave items when asked, walk politely and come when called.


Let us do the training.  We do all the work.  Unlike traditional Board and Train programs, we meet with your dog in private lessons in your home 3 times a week, teaching your dog the skills you need.  Then we meet with you, so we can transfer the skills your dog has learned with us to you.  But you need to schedule an Initial Consultation to get started.

$1,155 Focused Obedience Package - Initial Consultation + 9 private lessons + 3 transfer sessions.  Best when we are training 2-3 behavior skills for dogs that are not fearful or showing aggressive behavior.

$1,330 Reactive Rover Package - Initial Consultation + 10 private lessons + 3 transfer sessions + 2 follow-up sessions.  Best for dogs showing barking, growling and lunging behavior on leash toward other dogs.  We teach your dog to walk politely in the neighborhood again.

$1,730 All the Basics Obedience Package - Initial Consultation + 15 private lessons + 5 transfer sessions.  Best when we need to work on all the basic obedience skills for a well-mannered companion and your dog is not showing fearful or aggressive behavior.