What others say

We gather anonymous feedback from all clients.  Here's a small sampling of recent comments provided by clients.

We were very pleased with the straight forward answers, strategies, and information.
— Feedback survey on 12/8/15
Very impressed. Major problems were quickly identified, gave good explanations of what she was seeing with informative handouts. Then provided exercises to work on the problems specific to our dogs. She answered all our questions and made us feel more confident in our control of the situation.
— Feedback survey on 12/3/15
The training was better than I could ever expect. Lorraine Martinez was such a big help and was available when we needed her. She explained the process and training techniques very well and even helped our son with learning the process.
— Feedback survey on 11/17/15
Lorraine is very very knowledgable, and so we got a massive amount of information out of it. We had lots to take home and work on, which to me is excellent. Also very helpful was just having someone to reassure me when I was doing things right, and who could spot when my timing or mechanics were a little off. This was one of the reasons I chose to take classes, and it’s definitely payed off in my confidence as a trainer.
— Feedback survey from All The Basics class

Has your dog's behavior improved as a result of the services you received?

Already performing better at the assigned tasks. Our anxious dog has had calmer moments now that there is some order and structure back in the group. He also has benefited from time separate from the younger dog, who is already showing signs of better understanding his role in the home.
— Feedback survey on 12/3/15
My dog is much more relaxed when confronted with unfamiliar people, and continues to make progress with unfamiliar dogs.
— Feedback survey on 11/12/15
Learning to change the way I train my dogs”
”Very knowledgeable presenter - lots of good info. Thank you for this terrific opportunity to make foster dogs even more adoptable!”
”Many suggestions for each type of behavior”
”Liked understanding of how to reward and when. Time when too fast. This hour and a half FLEW!”
”Everything - all applicable to training! - Great presentation!”
— Comments on feedback survey for Outsmart Your Dog seminar

Seminar feedback:

Outstanding. Thank you for putting this together. Very good visuals. Handouts are excellent”
”The seminar helps me to understand how to relate to my own fearful rescue [dog]
— Comments on feedback survey for Foster Communication seminar
It was a great experience and helped us understand our dog better
— Anonymous client feedback