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Lorraine and Sara

Lorraine and Sara

Lorraine Martinez PhD, owner of LoMa Behavior and Training LLC, has been helping dogs and their people since 2002.  She gives people confidence they can get the best help and most reliable training for their lovable 4-legged friend.


  • Give clients the highest quality behavior modification and training options for their dogs.  
  • Make dog training simple to give clients the most effective, achievable solutions possible.  
  • Bridge the gap between the world of dog training and the worlds of psychology and animal behavior.

[Lorraine provided] A really high-end professional consultation...
— Deb Estrada


The dog training and behavior field is a funny profession.  Anyone can get into the field with little education or experience so there are many energetic and enthusiastic people training dogs.  But this makes it difficult for you to know when you are meeting with a qualified person; a person who translates the research behind animal learning into simple, effective training tools.  Unlike some "dog whisperer" type of trainers, Lorraine understands the science behind dog training and makes that easy for you to use with your dog.  Below are the steps Lorraine has taken to assure you she is qualified and give you the peace of mind she is credentialed with organizations that regulate her training and education.

  • Earned her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Washington-Seattle, one of the best schools of behavioral psychology in the country.
  • Graduated with distinction from the rigorous Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Program.  Remains a Certified Training Partner by undergoing customer satisfaction review and attending continuing education courses.
  • Maintains certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers by passing an independent assessment of her knowledge of the science of dog training.  Attends yearly continuing education courses.
  • Professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, a membership organization of trainers committed to becoming better trainers through education.
  • Volunteer trainer with the Greater St. Louis Training Club, the oldest AKC dog obedience club in the St. Louis area, 2004 - 2007.  Developed their first specialized program for dogs with issues, showing fearful and aggressive behavior.

  • Behavior and Training Department Supervisor for the Humane Society of Missouri, 2007 - 2010.  Taught a variety of classes, conducted behavior assessments, and created a behavior and training program for volunteers.
  • Consultant with the ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Behavior Team, assisting with rehabilitation of dogs rescued from dog fighting seizures.