LOMA Behavior and Training is dedicated to providing you with confidence about your training choices for your dog. What makes LOMA different from most companies in San Antonio is that ALL trainers working for LOMA Training are required to pursue certification through the most reputable organizations: the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), the Karen Pryor Academy and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). With these affiliations, you can be assured that a trainer is held to the highest ethical and behavioral standards in the industry. All trainers are also members of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers to ensure they stay up to date on the latest industry standards.

We emphasize these certifications because not all certifications are alike. There are currently no licensing, education or experience requirements to work as a dog behavior professional and no government agency monitors what it means to be a “certified” trainer. This makes it important for you to be a knowledgeable consumer so you can select the most qualified professional to work with you and your dogs.   Take a look here at the code of ethics we follow. 

Our trainers are all employees of the company, NOT subcontractors. This allows us to provide you with consistent, quality customer service and training. We ALSO carry general liability insurance, and each employee has successfully passed a background check.

We work with any behavioral concerns you may have from aggression and anxiety, to puppy training, to basic obedience.




  • Give clients the highest quality behavior modification and training options for their dogs.  
  • Make dog training simple to give clients the most effective, achievable solutions possible.  
  • Bridge the gap between the world of dog training and the worlds of psychology and animal behavior.


Lorraine Martinez, PHD, KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA 


Lorraine Martinez PhD, owner of LoMa Behavior and Training LLC, has been helping dogs and their people since 2002.  She gives people confidence they can get the best help and most reliable training for their lovable 4-legged friend.

After earning her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Washington-Seattle, one of the best schools of behavioral psychology in the country, she graduated with distinction from the rigorous Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Program.  

As part of the Greater St. Louis Training Club she developed the first specialized program they offered for dogs with issues, those showing fearful and aggressive behavior and she worked as the Behavior and Training Department Supervisor for the Humane Society of Missouri.  

She has served as a consultant with the ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Behavior Team, assisting with rehabilitation of dogs rescued from dog fighting seizures and adopted one of the dogs from the largest dog fighting raid in history.


I am extremely grateful to both Lorraine and Robyn.  They showed me how to teach Olivia the basic commands—here, stay, drop it, and leave it.  But more importantly, these two ladies taught me about the “special needs” of my puppy.  Olivia is extremely fearful of almost everything. (She has vision problems and was probably a product of a puppy mill!) There was a time when she was so fearful that she would not even go outside to go on a walk, and ran away whenever she heard a loud noise such as the garbage truck.  Lorraine, through patient instruction, and Robyn, through outstanding demonstrations, showed me how to not only identify my dog’s fear but also how to help her overcome those fears.  Now Olivia looks forward to her walks, and even enjoys encounters with new people.  Noise does not send Olivia into a fleeing panic.  Most importantly, I am no longer constantly afraid that Olivia will bite someone because of her own fears. Whatever your dog’s needs,  from simple to complex, these two special ladies can help you.
— Phylis Weathermon

Robyn Slusky, CPDT-KA, CPDT-KSA

Robyn has been a professional trainer since 2013. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Canine Life Sciences from Bergin University’s Service Dog Training Program.

She holds CPDT-KA (knowledge assessed) and CPDT-KSA (knowledge and skills assessed) certifications from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Inc. and is also an evaluator for the Canine Good Citizenship exam.

Robyn’s passion is teaching kids how to safely interact with dogs. She also focuses on training service dogs and dogs with fear and anxiety. She owns Deuce who is her trained service dog.

I was having troubles with certain “impulse” behaviors that my dog kept doing, like jumping on the couch, running out the door before I wanted him to, or picking something up from the street that I didn’t want him to have. At first, I didn’t think these issues were the sort of things that could be, or needed to be, addressed by a professional. However, as time went on, I realized that, even though my dog knew basic obedience commands, I did not have Brody completely under control. Robyn showed me how to make my dog wait at the door until I tell him he can go outside, how to tell my dog to “leave it,” aka, something on the street or something I simply did not want my dog to pick up, and how to control my dog’s general impulses. I also learned to read my dog’s body language, which has helped immensely with knowing how Brody is feeling. Robyn also explained to my why telling my dog not to jump on people actually doesn’t work, and what to do instead. With practicing Robyn’s advice and help, Brody is a much better behaved dog! I highly recommend LOMA - and, especially Robyn - to anyone who has any sort of behavior issue with their dog!
— Daniella Johner
sara smith.jpg

Sara Smith, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA

Sara has been a professional trainer since 2013 and is the ONLY behavior consultant in San Antonio with an independent certification of her knowledge. She holds certifications of her knowledge of dog training (CPDT-KA) and behavior consulting (CBCC-KA) from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Inc.

Sara prefers working with aggression cases. She has a passion for shelter work and facilitating play groups that work on dog-dog interactions.

Sara completed a mentorship with both Dogs Playing for Life and Austin Pets Alive to advance her skills coordinating group play, and as a handler, within the context of working with shelter dogs.

Sara is a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and in her free time, she is the Behavior Program Coordinator for Mission: Miracle K9 Rescue, Inc.


We have a house with five rescues dogs. The relationships between the dogs is generally good, but our spaniel mix (Elsa) would occasionally become suddenly dog aggressive. We asked Sara to help with this problem. Sara understands dog interactions so well. She watched how the dogs interacted in the house, in the yard, and on walks. Sara noticed our Aussie would often run by and harass Elsa, and Elsa’s body language showed Sara how incredibly stressed Elsa was by this aggression. Sara the showed us how Elsa would then come into the house with muscles all tensed up, she would yawn, indicating a feeling of stress, and she was ready to explode. Since Sara’s observation, we keep the Aussie from approaching Elsa on walks. That has allowed Elsa to relax during walks, and her dog aggressive behavior has vanished. Sara’s insight into dog behavior and emotions allowed us to have a peaceful pack. We are very grateful for her experience and skill with changing unacceptable dog behavior.
— Bill Nauschuetz