• 1 Ph.D. in behavioral psychology
  • 3 Certified Professional Dog Trainers - Knowledge Assessed
  • 1 Certified Behavior Consultant Canine - Knowledge Assessed
  • 1 Master’s Degree in Canine Life Sciences from Bergin University’s Service Dog Training Program.
  • 1 Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner


  • been kicked out of obedience class for barking at all the other dogs?
  • bolted out the front door and won’t come back?
  • destroyed the house when you were away?
  • fought with another dog in your home?
  • hidden under the bed when visitors come to your home?
  • nipped at a neighbor or your child?

We can help!


attend a seminar

Find out how dogs learn.  Learn the most common cause of growling and biting.  Discover how your dog speaks to you.  Some seminars are free or discounted for veterinary staff and shelter or rescue volunteers.

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make an appointment

Get an initial consultation to have your dog's behavior evaluated.  Find out if your dog's behavior is safe.  Learn what type of training your dog needs.  Get an estimate of training needed to achieve your goals.  


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take a class

Attend a group class with your dog.  Teach your dog to pay attention, to be polite at home and courteous when out and about.  Come to a specialized class for barky, snarly dogs who do not do well in regular classes.


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